Fancy fruit in your Shake?
19 October 2016

Fancy fruit in your Shake?

You might wonder why we introduced our Fruit Fusion range when we are already well known for our 'Shakeylicious' Milkshake treats. Well, we have all been encouraged to think more about what we eat and drink and there is much more awareness about sugar in everyday food and drink (including some of the juices and smoothies that we all know and love).

So, what goes into our Fruit Fusion Shakes? We use Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) fruit and vegetables from a supplier who has been winning lots of recognition for their 'you are what you blend' approach. (Did you know that freezing fruit at peak ripeness is the best way of preserving the vitamins and minerals which makes fruit so nutritious?)  This means you won't see our Shakeologists peeling and chopping fruit and veg at the counter and you won't get any old squishy bits of fruit or stringy veg in our Fruit Fusion Shakes!

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There is so much choice out there, but what makes our 'Smootheelicious' ingredients different are the carefully put together recipes that create a fabulous flavoured Shake with healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetables. Each Shake is freshly blended with fat-free frozen yoghurt and a dash of juice (yoghurt and juice do have some sugar) but there are no additives, preservatives, sugars or colours in the fruit and vegetables which is really important. Take a look at our menu and see which flavour combo you would go for.

And that's not all, we have also added the world's first ever all-in-one frozen Nutri-pellet Whey Protein Super Booster Smoothies to our menu. Yes, we agree that's a bit of a mouthful to say but they are100% natural with no sugars or preservatives.  Alongside the main fruit or veggie ingredients, the innovative nutri-pellet contains Whey Protein, Spirulina, Chlorella and Water, and that's it.  So, if you need a bit of an energy boost after a training session, or if you've been poorly, you should definitely give one a try. Oh, and did we say they are vegetarian friendly and GMO free too? 

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We asked some well-known Derby foodie bloggers to try our Red and Green Protein Super Booster Shakes, here's what one of them said...

'We were treated to two flavours of Fruit Fusion Shakes. My favourite was the green one but they were both excellent. They contained things like whey protein nutri-pellets, chia seeds, hemp seeds and all sorts of vitamins and healthy ingredients. They're a great way to get some extra goodness into you, especially if you're on the go!'

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You can read all of the blogger reviews here... Ria Amber TesiaMunching with Monet and The Sticky Beak Blog.


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