From chutney to milkshakes and the craziest job ever!
28 February 2018

From chutney to milkshakes and the craziest job ever!

I have been let loose to blog about chutney, milkshakes and the greatest, craziest and most fantastic job I have ever had!

My journey into the world of Milkshakes started four years ago when I sold my own business (manufacturing cheese and chutney).

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I was planning to work for six months or so while I decided where I wanted life to take me. Travel the world in my VW camper van? Work for an employer? Work for myself? Study? There was a lot on my mind!

During my first year as Manager, we founded the 'Art of Shakeology' and introduced super flavour combinations  - Fruit Smoothies, Super Boosters, Hot Shakes, Breakfast Shakes, Weekly Shake Specials and awesome Super Shakes.

As you can see, creating brand new Shakes involved some serious experimentation from me, the Master Shakeologist! Lab coat and googles required!

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However crazy the ideas for new tasty treats were, we gave them all a try. One memorable Shake concoction was suggested by a customer (you know who you are). To get rid of the memory of drinking the Greggs Pasty Shake, I have to focus on my all-time favourite Milkshake (Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey). It's delicious.

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I have had a great time fundraising for local Derby charities. Not many organisations let staff disappear for a week to drive the Monte Carlo or Bust Banger Rally. When we broke down in Paris on the return journey, our bosses were quickly on the ball to get us home safely. We were happy to hear we had raised £3,000 for Children First Derby with the help of our customers and suppliers.

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Running a muddy obstacle course on a very cold and wet January day was my first fundraising activity for Umbrella Derby. 

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Fancy dress was the attire for various charity events. I have appeared in many (awkward) Shakin' it social media posts, dressed as a Cowboy, a Superhero and as a Tellytubby.

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After three fun but hard-working years, I decided to study. The thought of being a student was daunting; it was a long time since I was last in education and I had never been to University. The owners of Shakin' it gave me lots of support and allowed me to work part-time for as long as I wanted. 

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By the start of my second year, I realised it was time to focus full-time on my Sports and Exercise Science BSc and my plan to go into respiratory medicine.

So, at the beginning of this year, I sadly hung up my Shakin' it cap and said goodbye to the greatest, craziest and most fantastic job I have ever had.

I have loved working for Shakin' it. The company is geniunely built on support and achievement. I had freedom to put my own mark on the business and the opportunity for personal growth. I got a buzz out of mentoring our youngest employees to learn new skills and grow in confidence. 

I met some amazing people over the last four years and I have made lifelong friends.

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Shakin' it is the best Milkshake and Smoothie Bar in Derby and it will always a have a hold on my heart. It's a place where shifts are packed with music, laughs, milkshake spillages, lovely customers and so much more :)




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