Customer San gets creative with Brekkie Shakes
15 March 2017

Customer San gets creative with Brekkie Shakes

I was soooo pleased when I saw Winter Warmer Shakes on the menu (after my nagging on the Shakin' it Derby Facebook page) and even more pleased when I was invited to review new Hot Shake and Brekkie Shake options. Who wouldn't turn down the chance of sampling überlush Shakes for free?!

It was a very cold February day when I rocked up to a warm welcome from Chief Shakeologist Leigh and his lovely assistant, Emily. It has been manic at work in my new job but, straight away, my tiredness turned into sheer excitement - so, let's get down to business!

Using a new Milkshake Mix instead of cold ice cream definitely made the Winter Warmers hotter and thicker - exactly what I was looking forward to! My hands felt warmer on the cup too. I had to try my all-time favourites of course - Farley's Rusks, Chocolate Hobnobs and Cherry Bakewell Shakes - they all scored a FAB 5 out of 5 with the new hottie makeover! So, it's a big 'thumbs up' from me for Hot Shakes (they'll be back on the menu in November 2017.)

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I had oodles of fun creating ideas for a new Brekkie Shake range too. I gave Leigh my ingredients list and he popped off to the shops. Bless him! My first choice was Lucky Charms which I absolutely adore. I tried them with fat-free frozen yoghurt and then with ice cream but the combo wasn't quite right, so it was a 2/5. I am NOT giving up on these bad boys though - they might be better in a Hot Shake!

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Now, I'm not normally one for simplicity, but we had to give the simple Strawberry Shake a breakfast 'shakeover'. We blended in fat-free frozen yoghurt and upped the game by adding Granola. This was so delish that I even caught Shakeologist Emily having a cheeky sip! 

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Another high scorer was Weetabix, Banana & Nutella with ice cream - incredible!  This classic combo just became an iconic Milkshake.  I give it 5/5.

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Next to try was my Cornflake Tart Shake idea (Cornflakes, Shortbread, Jam and Honey). This was immense - it really took me back to my school days and classic canteen puddings! My score was a huugggee 6 out of 5!

I couldn't leave the Shakeologists without challenging them to try this amaze Savoury Shake idea - a Sausage & Bean Shake. Who doesn't like a Full English Brekkie? A hesitant Leigh treated this as a bit of fun and dashed off to Greggs for a sausage-and-bean-and-cheese melt pasty. I tasted it but am holding back my score until I get to try it with brown sauce. Trust me, it will work with brown sauce!

And, here comes the money-maker! I bet Leigh a fiver that he would love my crazy creation of a Bacon, Maple Syrup, Banana & Peanut Butter Shake. And, guess what? *Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner* - he paid up smartish, it was divine! Another 5/5.

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I had so much fun at Shakin' it and want to say a big thanks to the Shakeologists for letting me review those delish (and off the chain) Shakes. Extra thanks flying out to Emily for creating my own Leopard Print Shake design to match almost everything I own! Make sure you give my Shake creations a whirl if you spot them on the menu!

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San Dosanjh.


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