Happy Hot Shakes!
07 January 2019

Happy Hot Shakes!

We wish our customers and friends a happy and shakeylicious new year. It is two years since we introduced a range of Hot Shakes (after a customer asked for a Hot Chocolate Hob Nob Shake).

For the first time ever, the Hot Apple Pie & Cinnamon Syrup Shake was added to our Christmas Special menu. Topped with Cream, it turned out to be a real winner (and a favourite with our Shakeologists - we wondered where they had disappeared to on their lunch break!)

Josie and Leanne

If you didn't get chance to try this tasty Hot Christmas Special, then don't worry! We have another ten Hot Milkshake flavour combinations to tempt you. Some old favourites and some brand new Shakes.

And, they are all available until the end of February! If it stays cold and wintery (and if you want us to), we will keep them on the menu into March.

Sweeties, Biscuits and Chocolate work really well blended into a Hot Shake. A Milkshake with cake in it is really good too! 

We've added a drizzle of Toffee Sauce to our Golden Syrup Cake & Custard Shake so our customers can get that Sticky Toffee Pudding experience in a Milkshake.

Hot Golden Syrup Cake

Here is our Chocolate Hob Nob & Custard Hot Shake, topped with crunchy biscuit crumb. Yum!

Chocolate Hob Nobs

Our Milkshake Bar has all your favourite chocolate brands and the Shakeologists did a lot of tasting before coming up with the top three chocolate-based Hot Shakes: Cadbury's Dairy Milk & Peanut Butter, Chocolate Orange & Orange Matchmakers and Mint Aero with Mint Matchmakers.

Cadbury DM and PB

Choc Orange

Mint Aero

Alongside two more Hot Shakes: Wham Bar & Raspberry Crusha and Nutella & Mini Marshmallows - we have a brand new Hot Shake flavour to tell you about! Cornflake Jam Tart with Custard Creams or Shortbread - it's just so comforting on a dismal day...


If you are not a chocolate fan and not looking for a sweet treat, this one might be just up your street - Freshly-chopped Banana with Honey and Weetabix. 


Now, back to biscuits! Who doesn't love Oreos? It's pretty much the most popular Milkshake ingredient and our Oreo Cookies & Cream Shake is super-cool when it's hot (if you know what we mean!).

Shakeologist Leanne thinks her Oreo Cookies & Cream Hot Shake is soooo dreamy. If you are looking for freshly-made Milkshakes and Smoothie Shakes in Derby, then come and see us at Shakin' it!

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