Introducing our new raw chocolate milkshake
13 November 2016

Introducing our new raw chocolate milkshake

We are well-known for our delicious and (we admit) often very indulgent Shakes, but did you know we have worked hard to expand our menu so that we can offer something delicious for everyone? Our fabulous Fruit Fusion Shakes made with fresh-frozen fruit or veg and fat-free frozen yoghurt make a refreshing and healthier change for our customers. Our new Super-Booster Shakes are great too, especially if you need some energy after a good workout or a pick-me-up after a cold. Plus, we have added dairy free ice cream and soya milk to our menu. But we didn't want to stop there...

We thought, what about a proper Chocolate Milkshake for our dairy free customers? And that's where our Cacao Nibs Chocolate Milkshake comes in. This new addition to our menu uses Cacao Nibs which are 100% organic raw cacao. The beans are the seeds of the cacao trees and are carefully chosen, peeled, processed and packed without any additives at all.

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In our opinion it is a very delicious Shake (we tried it a lot whilst creating it), but don't take our word for it. We asked one of our customers (the lovely Zoë), who follows a dairy free and gluten free diet, to give it a try and then write a review. Here's what she had to say...

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I was absolutely delighted to discover that the Shakin' it team have been busy creating a dairy free chocolate Milkshake for those of us with dietary restrictions, and I was invited to the tasting session. Made from cacao nibs, I tried one of these raw and was surprised at how bitter it actually is. How does this end up as a chocolate Milkshake?

The cacao nibs were added to a blender with soya milk and dairy free ice cream, all mixed together for around a minute. This drink was very much an adult version of the chocolate Milkshake with none of the sweetness you'd usually expect. There was a definite hint of chocolate, but it had quite a strong nutty taste and a crunchy texture with some quite large bits of cacao nibs. The second Shake I tried was blended for longer to make it smoother. This was definitely more child friendly. It was smooth, tasted like chocolate and had lost the crunchy nuttiness of the first Shake I tried. Could it get any better?

The third Shake was an attempt to create a textured Shake that had just the right amount of chocolate flavour, blended longer than the first but not until it was completely smooth. This was it! A dairy free chocolate Shake that tasted as good as it looked.

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Then I was invited to add a flavoured syrup to the Shake so I opted for cherry. Oh my days it was delicious! A black forest gateau in a drink - a cake I very sadly miss. The sweetness of the cherry syrup added to the cacao really was a perfect match although I am looking forward to trying other syrup shots in future. 

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This cacao Shake is delicious and really is great as a dairy free alternative to the chocolate Milkshake.


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